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When: December 18th 11:00 am EST

As the old saying goes, those who know neither the enemy, nor themselves, will succumb in every battle. This session tackles this challenge by examining both the endpoint attack trends from the past year, as well as the dynamics in the endpoint security industry. Given the tight relationship between offensive tactics and defensive capabilities, it aims to shed light on the reasons for adversaries’ continued abilities to penetrate our defenses. It covers topics such as:

  • The underlying techniques behind “fileless” attacks on endpoints
  • The evolution of evasion methods in malicious documents and other malware
  • The implications behind the commoditization of baseline antivirus protection
  • Ideas for interfering cat-and-mouse dynamics between defenders and attackers

The session will be presented by Lenny Zeltser, VP of Product at Minerva Labs and author and instructor at SANS Institute.

He will share insights based on his experience, perspectives and Minerva’s recent research into evasion trends.


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