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Evasion, prevent the hidden risk

Stop attacks designed to evade your existing defenses

Boost any endpoint security solution with Minerva's Anti-Evasion platform and stop attacks that your current endpoint defenses miss.

Stop the clock on evasive malware attacks

Minerva gives you peace of mind knowing that stealthy, unknown attacks will be prevented prior to infection, before any damage has been done.

Environment-Aware Attacks


Macro-Based & PowerShell Attacks


Cryptomining Attacks

Endpoint Security that Boosts Your Business

Reduce 90% of the threats your team handles

Doesn’t disrupt; doesn’t slow you down

Pain free installation and management

(no prerequisites, no reboots, no cloud dependency)

Avoid costly and risky replacements that create incremental improvements

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Ready to see us in action?

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