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SANS Video.jpgSuccessful attackers routinely use evasion to evade baseline anti-malware tools and ultimately compromise endpoints. Evasion techniques involve shunning automated analysis environments, concealing malicious code inside document files that exist solely in memory of otherwise-legitimate applications. How can enterprises prevent such intrusions without relying on after-the-fact detection? 

This webcast, presented by SANS Reviewer Eric Cole, PhD, and Lenny Zeltser, VP of Products, Minerva Labs, will show a unique approach to preventing evasive malware from infecting endpoints.

In this webcast you'll discover:

  • How Minerva's Anti-Evasion Platform compares to traditional and next-generation endpoint security in the pursuit for more effective endpoint security
  • How the solution stands up against a series of attack technologies including fileless attacks, ransomware, and more
  • What organizations should ask when looking to augment their endpoint security

Following the webcast, you will recieve a full SANS Product Review of Minerva Labs' Anti-Evasion Platform.
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