Mockup_SANS.jpgThis SANS review, written by Dr. Eric Cole, digs into the inner mechanisms of different types of evasive malware and how to prevent their penetration into your organization with Minerva Labs.

Download the review to discover: 

  • How Minerva’s Anti-Evasion Platform performed in the SANS Lab tests
  • How Minerva fares against traditional and next-generation solutions in the pursuit of more effective endpoint security
  • Key deployment and maintenance considerations

After a detailed review, I found that Minerva Labs provides their customers with enhancements to traditional endpoint security solutions” said Dr. Eric Cole. “Minerva is very good at blocking evasive malware that cannot be detected with traditional and next-gen endpoint security solutions. The solution is very effective and works to protect the endpoints in an enterprise.” 
Dr. Eric Cole, SANS Institure