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Joint Webinar: How to Evasion-Proof Your Endpoint Defenses and Leave Malware No Room to Hide

Joint webinar: McAfee & Minerva Labs

Despite the ongoing advancements in anti-malware technologies, attackers continue to evade enterprise defenses. Today's security challenges require open, collaborative approaches to detect threats, reduce risk, and ensure compliance as delivered in McAfee’s platform approach. To that end, Minerva Labs has joined forces with McAfee to deliver an integrated solution, leveraging the openness of the McAfee platform that fulfills this promise. Together, enterprises can now deploy an evasion-proof endpoint defense solution through McAfee ePO that bolsters the best in class McAfee endpoint security solution and also take action on new intelligence fed into your existing ePO and OpenDXL platforms.

Watch our latest webinar on 'How to Evasion-Proof Your Endpoint Defenses and Leave Malware No Room to Hide' with Lenny Zeltser, Minerva Labs VP of Product and Mark Mastrangeli, McAfee’s Security Innovation Alliance, Lead Architect. You will:

  • Discover the techniques malware uses to evade detection
  • Find out how McAfee puts you, the customer first; with an open platform approach that can adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape
  • See how the McAfee-Minerva integration achieves higher efficacy rates than any single approach to endpoint threat prevention
  • Learn how the joint solution boosts IT and security staff productivity with its easy deployment and fast endpoint performance
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